Volkswagen\’s retro I.D. Buzz van shall be brimming with artificial intelligence


The coming Volkswagen I.D. Buzz microbus could recognize your brain because you approach it and hang in the interior simply the way you want it, thanks to the company’s first use of Nvidia’s artificial intelligence, it absolutely was announced at CES yesterday.

“In a couple of years, every new vehicle will need to have AI assistants for voice, gesture and facial recognition and also augmented reality,” said Jensen Huang, ceo of chipmaker Nvidia, that will power AI around the microbus. “Dealing with Volkswagen, i am building a new generation of cars which are safer, more fulfilling to ride in than any situation that has come before, and available for everyone.”

Last year Nvidia revealed its Xavier processor, the latest chip that could power various AI features, such as Drive AV function that self-driving cars. During this year’s Electronics market Show Nvidia partnered with Volkswagen to introduce new features called Drive IX and Drive AR.


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Volkswagen is looking one suite of features proposed by Drive IX “Intelligent Co-Pilot,” which provides facial recognition that remembers your mug and unlocks the auto available for you as you approach. It\’ll also remember what language you speak and place the voice recognition to match. Drive IX also provide driver alerts for bicycles, gesture recognition for user controls and gaze tracking to combat driver distraction. It’ll even create the seat only the way you enjoy it.

Drive AR may offer augmented reality, which will enhance safety by highlighting various information for the driver.

The systems is often updated through the entire time of your car via software updates, which enable it to gain new capabilities as further developments are available in autonomous driving, Volkswagen said. Due to what is known deep learning, cars can assess situations and analyze the behavior of other drivers on the highway, enabling your smart car to make the right decisions.

“Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the motor car,” said Volkswagen CEO Dr. Herbert Diess. “Autonomous driving, zero tailpipe emission mobility and digital networking are virtually impossible without advances in AI and deep learning. Combining the imagination of Volkswagen with NVIDIA, the best in AI technology, enables us to adopt a huge get yourself into the long term.”

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