So how does stop-start technology affect your motor vehicle?


More and even more new cars now include automatic start/stop technology so that you can reduce fuel consumption. When you roll away with a sore point, or go mad stop and go traffic, the engine shuts off itself and swallows a break, whether you asked it to this is. Ideally the engine then restarts and is all set to go again while you\’re, but a majority of enthusiasts find these systems annoying as they can't get the engine running in time when it’s time for you to move again. Even so the larger question among car nerds and the general public alike is whether or not these extra stop-start cycles hurt the engine.

That’s the issue Autocar asked from a recent article about stop-start as well as long-term have an effect on a car’s engine. In accordance with their conversation with Gerhard Arnold at Federal Mogul, “A standard car without automatic start-stop can be expected to look through 50,000 stop-start events during its life time.” Though automatic stop-start time can increase tenfold, Arnold says. 


What is auto stop/start? Autoweek explains

If you've shopped to get a new car prior to now three years or so, you've probably seen automakers touting new stop/start systems to help save slightly gas money. The idea is straightforward enough — if …

The reason behind the challenge lies using the crankshaft making metal-to-metal touching the chief bearings, which happens each and every time the engine shuts off and stops lubricating those bearings with oil. Which induces wear. Speculate stop-start proliferates, so too do new materials, technologies and lubricant additives that guide engines withstand an added burden.

The querry is still perhaps the manufacturers implementing stop-start may also be adding these technologies to keep durability. Some may very well be doing it far better than others. As Autocar states, only time will tell. On the other hand, Autocar also reminds us the systems do indeed reduce fuel consumption together with the resulting emissions from that consumption.

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